Help Brainstorm Change Media And Journalism in Kenya

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Brainstorm exists to address the need for critical thought in Kenya. We currently publish long, thought out, articles about the state of our country and several phenomenon within it every week on Tuesdays. We have done this successfully for 39 weeks now, and have had over 30,000 readers thus far.

In keeping with out aim of changing how Kenyan (and ultimately African) stories are told, we are expanding our content offering. First off, we have a quarterly ebook lined up, the first of which comes out tomorrow. Next up, we have a monthly magazine and a podcast lined up.

Towards this end, we are crowdfunding €3,435. To win the crowdfunding bootcamp we are currently at, we need to have raised the highest amount of money by 3pm Kenyan time (12pm GMT) today.

The details can be found here:!/projects/brainstorm/plan

Please visit the link, click on support project and make a contribution.

Let’s help change media and journalism in Kenya guys. This is the first step to a great future!